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LifeAid Centre for integrated medicine

blomster Senter for livshjelp (LifeAid Centre for integrated medicine) is located in Ski, Norway. Since 1989, LifeAid Centre has been lead by medical doctor Audun Myskja and nature therapist Reidun Myskja, both active in the field of integrated medicine since the mid- and late 70’s. The centre offers consultations focusing on the person’s own resources, strengthening self-healing resources, spiritual growth and mind/body integration. For over twenty years the centre has offered workshops, mainly conducted by Dr. Audun Myskja, within meditation, self-healing, toning, voice development, uncovering healing abilities and flower essences. A special field has been the therapeutic use of voice and music in healing.

Dr. Audun Myskja has held over 1000 lectures and workshops within integrative medicine all over Norway and in a number of countries, with special focus on music in medicine. He has lead or supervised a dozen national and international projects in integrated music in the health services, gathered in the Ph.D project “Integrated music in nursing homes – an approach to dementia care”. At the clinic in Ski, several workshops and educational series in the therapeutic use of voice music and singing both have been conducted. From 2005, the therapeutic education united therapy, a three-year practical teaching process based on self-development and energy medicine, have met increasing interest. The short self-healing workshops “Find your inner power”, based on Dr. Audun Myskja’s 2009 book with the same title, have also met great interest and acclaim.

LifeAid Centre for integrated medicine has extensive collaboration both nationally and internationally. Dr. Audun Myskja has published extensive research on music in medicine and has written 12 books on integrative medicine, self-healing and music in medicine. As part of the increasing international collaboration of LifeAid Centre, the centre has already hosted prominent researchers within music therapy in medicine. In 2010, the centre will host the well known energy medicine pioneers Donna Eden and David Feinstein, 21.-24. May, and will host spiritual teacher Asanaro, famous for the books Seamm Jasani and Boabom, in August/September.

These events exemplify our urge for gathering the most precise, advanced and effective tools for healing to be applied by persons in different situations, both therapists wishing to expand their repertoire, people wishing to develop self-healing tools to stay well and develop their potential, and different groups of patients, among them children with learning and behavior difficulties, patients with chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, dementia – to name a few.

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